Spinning metal on a lathe

Bronze age folk turned metal on a lathe. The early Greeks also did it, the Romans were experts at it and the Anglo Saxons were doing it in the Dark Ages.

For this short video Stuart King has filmed a 19th century lathe whilst it was being used to spin flat sheet metal discs. These metal discs would then be shaped into pans and containers.

Stuart would like to thank the craftsmen of Ballarat in Australia, where this video was filmed.

The Bodgers Ball 2009 – the Log to Leg race

The Log to Leg Race is just one of the fun events that take place at the annual Bodgers Ball, a gathering of British pole lathe turners and green woodworkers. It is organised by the Association of Pole Lathe Turners (APT). This film was made by Stuart King.

Moroccan bow lathe turner

This young woodturner can be found plying his trade in the medina of old Marrakech. With just one tool (a skew chisel) he turns a chess piece on a bow lathe that would have been a familiar sight in ancient Greece or the Pharaohs’ Egypt.

Romanian Sawmill

I filmed this sawmill in 1998 during a tour of romania to record some of Romania’s woodworking traditions. This is very rare footage of a ‘gang saw’ in action. The newly felled logs were delivered at the top of the mill, progressed down through the mill machinery to the bottom road and loaded onto a lorry to be delivered to the waiting builders.